Contact Information:
Jared Yates
2201 Finger Bridge Road
Hickory, NC 28602

Work Experience:
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JetBlue Airways, Inc.
Pilot, A-220 (previously, E-190 and A320)
Required Disclaimer: The views expressed here do not necessarily reflect the views of JetBlue (e.g. I am speaking for myself and not JetBlue).
December 2010 to October 2005 PSA Airlines, USAirways Express
Captain and First Officer, CRJ
October 2005 to March 2004 Mountain Air Cargo
First Officer, F-27 and ATR
December 2003 to March 2003 Delta State University
Staff Flight Instructor
June 2002 to May 2001 FedEx Express
Intern: Charter Operations Department
May 2004 Delta State University
Master of Commercial Aviation
May 2003 Delta State University
Bachelor of Commercial Aviation
Flight Operations Major
May 1999 Mississippi School for Math and Science
Flying Credentials:
FAA Certificates and Ratings FAA
Airline Transport Pilot Airplane Multiengine Land, BD-500, A-320, CL-65, ERJ-170/ERJ-190, F-27
Commercial Privileges Airplane Single Engine Land
Flight Instructor Airplane Single and Multiengine, Instrument Airplane
Ground Instructor Advanced, Instrument
Remote Pilot Small UAS (UAS Registration Number FA3XXEXPLF)
Other Airplane Stuff:
EAA Flight Advisor, Bearhawk 4-Place, Bearhawk Patrol, Bearhawk Five, Bearhawk Companion
AOPA ASN Volunteer for E40
Ultralight Aircraft
US Powered Paragliding Association PPG2
US Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association P4, TECH1, etc