Here are some examples of my writing, pubished by someone other than me:

Kitplanes Magazine
November 2018: The Three Bearh(hawk)s
July 2018: Emergency Locator Transmitters
December, 2017: Lithium Batteries
June, 2015: Visiting the Bearhawk Aircraft Factory in Mexico
April, 2015: Bootstrap Performance Testing
January, 2013: Introduction to the Bearhawk LSA

Sport Aviation Magazine
August, 2017: Bruce McElhoe's Bearhawk LSA
August, 2021: A Bigger Bearhawk

AOPA Pilot Magazine
June, 2018: Powered Paragliders

Paramotor Pilot Magazine
Issue #1 (Winter 2023): High Noon, Flying Paramotors in Mid-Day

Make: Magazine Blog
July 13, 2018: Rising From The Ashes of a Makerspace Fire

Hickory Macaroni Kid
May 23, 2018: Visiting the History Museum of Catawba County

Do you have a suggestion for something good to write about? Let me know!