Motorcycle Pages

I used to spend lots of time working on old motorcycles. These days, not so much- but I figure I should preserve what I learned, in case you might find yourself working on something similar. I have long since sold all of these motorcycles, but they were lots of fun.
1993 Suzuki DR250SEP Last Updated
Customizing the DR250 11-2011
Honda CB350 Last Updated
1971 Honda CB350 3-2010
1972 Honda CB350 6-2008
1972 Honda CB350 Part 2 12-2008
1972 Honda CB350 Part 3 3-2010
Honda SL175 Last Updated
1970 Honda SL175 Motorsport, Part 1 10-2005
1970 Honda SL175 Motorsport, Part 2 2-2006
1970 Honda SL175 Engine, Part 3 6-2006
1970 Honda SL175 Engine Reassembly, Part 4 2-2007
1970 Honda SL175 Motorsport, Part 5 12-2008
1970 Honda SL175 Motorsport, Part 6 3-2010
The Rest Last Updated
Rust Removal by Electrolysis 12-2008
Assembling the Harbor Freight 4x8 Utility Trailer 1-2007

Note- if you are new to motorcycle maintenance, I would highly recommend that you check out the excellent online motorcycle repair course at